Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Bridal Shoes - 2

I'm officially a red shoe bride too! Just bought the Kate Spade Kamille today (so I have not worn them yet, I hope they're comfy and fit well). Red is my favorite color and I wanted a red dress, but decided on Ivory cuz I wanted to feel more bridal so I knew I had to at least get red shoes.
 Red shoes are my favorite!!!! Here are mine!
 woo hoo! i love my  shoes. despite how tall they look, they are actually super comfortable and less of an incline than what i typically wear because of the platform. :)
 I have the same shoes as you! BCBG Ariel and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! 
Love the colored shoe idea! I'm having two wedding celebrations and I'm doing blue shoes for one and red for the other. My Mom thought I'm crazy when I told her. :) There are my J.Renee. They are so comfortable!

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