Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Bridal Shoes - 1

Anyone a red shoe bride? I was debating, but then my Shoe Salon salesperson let me know that my shoes were going on sale in a week and he would be happy to put them on hold for me.... so viola I'm a red shoe bride!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red!  Laughing
So naturally, I'm a red shoe bride too!  I'm wearing these (they're in my closet out of reach so I can't cave and wear them early!).  I'll be putting pearl/rhinestone shoe clips on the toes to dress them up for the wedding day too.

I'm considering wearing these shoes. My fiance got them for me for Christmas/my birthday. But I'm wondering - if they're not white, why do I have to wait until my wedding to wear them? Am I going to regret not having pristine shoes on my wedding day?

Im wearing redshoes too. But one of my wedding colors/BM dresses are sage green. Does anyone think that red shoes are too christmasy? The green is very sparse in the rest of hte decor - green, very very pale peach, light taupe. Vineyard/organix theme.

These are my red shoes!  I plan my dying my cronoline red too so it will match with the shoes too!
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Im a red shoe bride too! Nina:Fulvia! I got them for $49!!

Here are mine!  Though I'm debating switching to something with a lower heel. 

We're shoe twins!

I actually have three pairs of red shoes. AzinAugust: I actually have those Stuarts you're about to purchase. I'm selling them to my mom and selling the other pair that I have becaue I just fell in love with and ordered these Ninas. 

beautiful ladies!  I also wasn't planning on red shoes, but it happened and worked out perfectly :)

This is my shoe, "unlisted-natural wonder" 29.99 at bonton (with a 20% off coupoun)

OMG> I wish these were peep toes. I would buy them in a NY Minute!  

I have the same shoes!  I LOVE them!

Paris Hilton (Valentino Knockoffs)

Um. OK for $30 I might just get these heart shape pumps from Fredericks!

Oh oh! Me too me too! I finally got my act together and took a picture of my red shoes. I'm 99% sure these are what I'm going to wear. I've had them kicking around in my closet for a couple of years now. I got them at Target for something like $20 I think. I should probably treat them better now that they're my "official" wedding shoes and not bury them amongst the others.



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