Friday, February 17, 2012

Green Wedding Dresses

If you are provision an environmentally friendly wedding then these green wedding ideas and wedding reprocess tips are going to be perfect for you.

First decide on how many green wedding ideas you want to use. Do you want your entire wedding to be organic or just add a few green details here and there? Once you have this decided you can easy start looking for ideal green wedding ideas and wedding recycle methods to incorporate into your theme. You can even go as far as to choose a beautiful shade of green for your complimentary wedding color.

One of the simplest green wedding ideas is to simply use recycled paper for as many items as you can. You can use organic cotton, hemp or bamboo paper choices which can be used for your wedding announcements, invitations, thank you cards, programs and place cards. By choosing these alternative wedding reprocess choices you could be efficaciously saving one tree!

Recycled napkins made from organic cotton are great green wedding ideas on with using bees wax candles as your table decorations. Other natural table decorations admit using fresh herbs and flowers tied together in bundles with a simple hemp ribbon.

If you know a local gardener and can plan well in advance have them grow your flowers, this way you are not purchasing cut flowers that have chemicals sprayed on them. You are only cutting those flowers that you will actually use, so nothing goes to waste.

There ar many stores and boutiques that now stock recycled wedding dresses or you could shop for an antique wedding dress. You could also efficaciously reprocess your dress, by either donating your gown to someone else after the event or by purchasing a dress which you could efficaciously use again for another event. You can even encourage your wedding party to choose dresses and suits that can be recycled.

Other green wedding ideas admit giving your dresses to a local school to provide teenagers with a beautiful prom dress that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

After your reception is over try to reuse as much as you can. Donate food leftovers to your local soup kitchen, flowers could be given to your local infirmary or old age home. There are many creative ways to distribute your left over items which will be greatly comprehended by less fortunate people.

By using green wedding ideas you are creating a natural feeling for your wedding which would be compliment by holding your ceremony outside in a beautiful rural location. A green wedding can still be a wonderful event and you never know it might just end up saving you money in the long run. By using some wedding reprocess tips together with your green wedding ideas your day will still run smoothly.

Your guests ar sure to appreciate the extra time and effort it went into planning these green wedding ideas and wedding recycle suggestions. You could possibly take donations to a charity or green movement in your area.


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