Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bella’s Wedding Dress Will Be Revealed On Monday! Plus, Twilight-Inspired Prom Styles

 For the original dress of worn Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn, Carolina Herera who intervened to make it. V-neck dress Herera work was worth about U.S. $ 35,000 or approximately USD 317 million.
Now the price offered for the replica, 44 times cheaper, only U.S. $ 799, or about 7.2 million. Prices may be less expensive dress of because the material is different from the original. If the original Bella’s dress of made ??of silk, a replica made ??of satin.
 Twilight fans now can realize their fantasies by wearing a wedding dress to marry a la Bella Swan in the movie ‘Breaking Dawn’. Replica of the dress is sold at a price of US$ 799.

Summit Entertainment, which produces the Twilight film series, in collaboration with Alfred Angelo bridal gown retailer to make a replica of the dress of Bella Swan, since May 2011. Now the replica of the dress is already sold at Alfred Angelo boutique in the United States

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