Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Purple Bridal Gowns

Purple is assumed as a mysterious and noble color which can be flattering to all weddings while white is conceived as pure and faithful. White and purple bridal gowns have been gaining more and more attention. It’s wise to combine the two colors in your bridal gowns in that this kind of dresses will not be too dull. 

These two white and purple bridal gowns are classical. The left one has a large piece of white with only some tenuous purple lines and a few purple flowers on it. It’s kind of smart. Without the purple embellishment, the dress would be just normal and too simple. Using a little purple, the white and purple bridal gown turns to be vigorous.
The right one is quite different from the left one. It’s a strapless satin one. The color purple takes up a half part of the bridal gowns. It’s neither too tedious nor too serious. Indeed, a spirit of young spreads out along with the happiness of love.

There are other white and purple bridal gowns as well. The shade of purple you choose for your wedding may depend on the season. There are dark purples such as grape which tends to work well with gold or silver for a winter wedding. It creates a beautiful layered effect using a variety of shades of purple.
If you are tend to be creative, pick a white and purple bridal gown. It will certainly draw the most of the attention at your wedding.

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