Tuesday, November 22, 2011

red glamour wedding

Maybe you are not a traditional bride....maybe you want a different dress....maybe you don't want traditional favors at your wedding....maybe you don't want a church wedding....maybe you want to be off the grid when saying your vows....I say big whoopie if people don't like what YOU and your significant other find meaningful!

flower red wedding

I am seeing RED! Not, a mad red...a stunning bridal red! This dress is from Bonny Bridal from the Classic Collection. It is style number 905. 

What made me think about this dress was seeing the Red Ranunculus Flower Clips from Etsy seller HustlenBustle - Set of 3 flowers for $24.00

before signing off for the night, I wanted to remind my readers about the Bridal Gown Giveaway over on Bonny Bridal Blog! I totally meant to mention this over the weekend but the time slipped away from me! You only have 2 more days to enter! I would love to have one of my blog readers win a free wedding gown! I blogged about this in the beginning of the month and I picked out some of my favorites from the Bonny Collection:

Found a new dress I love! There is something about a halter neckline that I love, but that wasn't what caught my eye about this dress. The color combination is what I really, really love! The cafe colored band is so warm! It would blend well with a Mocha color...the price isn't bad either! Price at under $400 - this dress, style 045 from the Bonny Collection, is my dress of the day!!!

I just saw this on Bonny's Facebook page and was thrilled to be able to share it with you all! If you are not familiar with Bonny, grab some coffee and sit down awhile! Bonny has been in business for over 25 years! They are sold in bridal salons nationwide (and international too!) Their gowns are very well made: embellishments are sewn on (not glued!), the embroidery work is awesome (clean and tight...no loose threads). They have several different lines of dresses but the bridal lines are Essence (a little couture and edgy), Bonny (the line that started it all) Bliss (a line for the modest/conservative bride) and Unforgettable (their stylish plus size line).

I have had occasions in the past where I have worked with the girls in the office (when I had my own bridal salon I carried their line of dresses) and more recently when they helped get me into the Fall Bridal Market in Las Vegas (as their guest).

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